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 Desert35 Fragrances

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Goal: $10,000

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Desert35 Fragrances is helping David Meltzer turn his 50th birthday into a life-changing experience for an entire region of the world and for YOU!

As Chairman of the Board of the Unstoppable Foundation, David’s seen first hand how their 5-pillar model has changed everything for 75,000 men, women and children over the last decade.

Now that their basic needs are met (access to education, clean water, healthcare, nutritious food and income training), it’s time to help them realize their greatest aspirations for themselves and their families. I've seen first hand how effected these children are and how you can turn their lives around.

Help me fulfill David’s wish and the communities’ – to bring Unstoppable Leadership & Empowerment Centers to Kenya!

More than buildings, these centers will serve community members by helping them to create opportunities to start businesses and get jobs that will bring financial stability and growth to their community. 
In addition, they will provide after school programming for kids, advanced training for teachers, and adult education that will enable individuals to develop the skills, knowledge, and resources to achieve goals they’ve set for themselves and their families.

Desert35 Fragrances is helping David and using his 50th birthday to raise $1 million to launch these Unstoppable Leadership & Centers in Kenya.

Join Desert35 in supporting the 50 For 50 campaign as we work to empower others to empower others to create happier and more successful lives and communities around the world.


100% of your donation will go toward
Unstoppable Leadership and Empowerment Centers.

Watch David share the story behind
his birthday wish.