Sarah Larsen

Will you help me educate children in Africa for my birthday?

$1,448 Raised
Includes monthly giving pledges

My goal of $25,000
1 Village Supported
69 Children Educated
350 People Impacted

Our Superstar Donors:

  • MARTHA P. WILEY: $556
  • chris Kriesa
  • Nancy Selik: $100
  • lisa haisha: $100
  • Bonnie Tauber: $100
  • Mollyanne Summers
  • Maryann Marchetti: $50
  • Jack Bowman: $45
  • Gregory Larsen: $45
  • Jack Austin: $42
  • Lori Grasing: $25
  • Jean Dettweiler: $20
  • Ruba Zanaid Zanaid: $20
  • Ginger Miller: $11
  • Danielle Ezra
  • Glen Vickery: $5

I love giving gifts for my birthday! I would love to give a gift that will help some of the 57 Million children around the world live without access to even a basic education? Let's change that together--one village at a time.

Dear Friend, 

I would love for 57 million children around the world to benefit from us!  These kids are not attending primary school. 

Together we can TRANSFORM that outcome and give an entire community the resources they need to become self-sustaining.

Would you please join me in helping an entire village escape the vicious cycle of poverty by providing access to an education. Education has been proven to yield a larger impact than ANY other form of help or aid we can give. It improves health, income, promotes gender equality, and reduces overall poverty.

Together our collective efforts will build and furnish a school house and give the entire community access to clean water, sanitation, food and nutrition, healthcare and alternative income training for parents.

Together we will help an entire village transform into becoming self-sustaining for generations to come!

Please share this campaign to help raise awareness!

I highly recommend you sharing with me that you shared this and that you donated!

Any donation over $1000.00 will get a special gift!

Thank you so much,

Dr. Sarah Larsen

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Right now, in a village in the heart of Kenya, there’s a family waiting for their daughter to have a chance to go to school. And, they're still waiting.

Here's why...