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LIFE MATTERS Supporting Irkaat Community
Creating a Village of Anything Is Possible

$25,426 Raised
Includes monthly giving pledges

My goal of $25,000
1 Village Supported
69 Children Educated
350 People Impacted

Our Superstar Donors:

  • Donna Reino
  • Robert and Christann Kapaska
  • Larry Kuzminski
  • Kyle Barker
  • Deborah Reeder
  • Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • Shannon Lewis
  • Dennis Ralston
  • Cindy Holt
  • Mary Dina Correia
  • Becky Ford
  • Melissa Gulbranson
  • Donna Harding
  • Scott and Dale Lenney
  • Bill Lasell
  • Michelle Newton
  • Mary Altizer
  • Brent and Mai Abel
  • Brenda Foster
  • Alberto Martinez
  • Allison Smith
  • Jeffrey Horn
  • Dian Johns
  • Colleen & John Riddle
  • Larry J. Thill, DC
  • Betsy Croney
  • Ginger Gardiner
  • Judy Zschiesche
  • Sarah and Evan Young
  • Colleen Leithren
  • Steve Szabo
  • Thomas S. Merrill, Ph.D., ABPP
  • Laura Hickey
  • Sterling and Trisha Wilcox
  • Becky Chester
  • Marna Ringel
  • Sherry Boyle
  • Amy and Steve Machado
  • Madeline Young
  • Briana Campbell
  • Kelly Bruce
  • Peter Rees
  • William Phillips
  • Lisa Hemmeter
  • Margie Aliprandi
  • Dexter Mitte
  • Rich and Ann Matika
  • James Paulus
  • James Kelly Amidon
  • Leah Holden
  • Benjamin Hinckley
  • Leslie Nwankwo
  • Trudi DiFabio
  • Patricia Nelson
  • Carrie Marquardt
  • Sonia Stringer
  • Pete Johnson
  • Yvana Stanek
  • Kari Szymanski
  • Brooke Reeder
  • Jodi McLain
  • Chris and Jeanine Lano
  • Sarah Hastings
  • Marti A. Barnes
  • Kenji Matsuura

Did you know that 57 million children around the world live without access to even a basic education? Let's change that together--one village at a time.

Life Matters is a living, breathing organism made up of the visions and dreams of our Brand Reps. We are the Village of Anything is Possible, and we know how fortunate we are to have this opportunity each and every day. There are places where the lack of education, food, water and other resources can hinder the belief that things can be different, that things can be better. We believe that children, when given the chance to imagine a different possibility, can help create a better world.

That's why we've partnered with the Unstoppable Foundation to help forward our mission. Our contributions have been assigned to the Sponsor a Village program in the Irkaat Community, village #3.  

Our funding will support the construction of one schoolhouse (completion 1Q 2016) as well as the expansion of the 5-pillar model impacting 70 students and 350 community members over a one-year period.

To bring sustainability to this community, it will take a 5-year commitment to implement all 5 pillars in our village.

Please join us in continuing to support this amazing community by expanding the implementation of the 5-pillars for a second year.  Together, we are unstoppable in transforming the community of Irkaat.

The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education, food and nutrition, healthcare, access to clean water, and sanitation to children and communities. They are helping to build a thriving, just and sustainable world.

Our angel ambassadors fund our operating costs so that 100% or your donations go directly to Sponsor a Village. Learn more

Right now, in a village in the heart of Kenya, there’s a family waiting for their daughter to have a chance to go to school. And, they're still waiting.

Here's why...