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Help Me Bring Hope to 20 Students!

As many of you know, I recently traveled to the Maasai Mara in Kenya with the Unstoppable Foundation to visit the communities they are transforming with their 5-Pillar Sponsor a village model. 

57 million children around the world are not attending primary school, 43% of those children live in Africa. The vast majority of the children, women, and men in Africa are living in absolute poverty with no hope of uplifting themselves, or their communities out of poverty, without our support.

The Unstoppable Foundation has been transforming that outcome by giving entire communities what they need to provide education and to create self-sustaining communities, including funding two all-girls secondary schools in the Maasai Mara ---the first girls secondary schools in the region!

Without schooling, these same girls would likely be married off at a young age, continuing the cycle of poverty in which they grew up.  Education has been proven to yield a larger impact than ANY other form of help or aid we can give. It improves health, income, promotes gender equality, and reduces overall poverty. 

Please join me in launching the next step in fulfilling the dreams of these remarkable girls: a college education.  I saw first-hand the impact we can make!

I'm committed to providing 20 of the girls from these high schools, and in the surrounding area, a scholarship to the new Kisaruni Technical College.  The goals of this college are two-fold:

1. To educate and empower students with the skills and competencies in one of four key tracks and be able to find employment or start their own business locally or within Kenya.

2. To equip students with leadership and life skills to liberate the genius within every student to achieve their fullest potential as leaders in their families, communities and the world at large.

The college will provide students with a 2-year degree in the following areas:
  • Tour guiding and travel operation
  • Entrepreneurship and business
  • Nursing (three-year degree)
  • Agriculture
All courses will be certified by KNEC (Kenya National Examination Council) therefore if desired, they will be able to continue their education and transfer all units to any University. $5,000 per student per year will support each student with the following:
  • A yearly comprehensive educational experience in one of four tracks
  • Unstoppable Scholar Leadership & Empowerment training and mentorship
  • Tuition, room, and board
  • Textbooks and all educational resources
  • Required equipment and cost of placement for their internship

Our angel ambassadors fund our operating costs so that 100% or your donations go directly to the scholarships.

Right now, in a village in the heart of Kenya, there’s a family waiting for their daughter to have a chance to go to school. And, they're still waiting.

Here's why...